All about hot stone cooking:

History has taught us, from our distant past, how man was built to accommodate himself to consuming both meat and fresh vegetables. For over a thousandof years ago and in order to satisfy its meat appetite, man had first started cooking meat in the most primordial way possible – on hot stones – and not directly over open fire.

Astfel, gatitul pe piatra este o foarte veche traditie, piatra pastrand gustul si aroma alimentelor.

Chiar si in ziua de astazi, acest mod de preparare al alimentelor este considerat a fi cel mai sanatos. Neavand in compozitie materii nocive corpului uman, pietrele incinse sunt excelente in prepararea carnii fara adaosuri de grasimi si uleiuri, in sistem dietetic, la temperaturi inalte, in maxim 10 minute.

Also, this type of cooking aids digestion. Being cooked in a healthy manner, without fats and in their own juices, the assortment of dishes are transformed in wonderful, easily digested and extremely tasty food.

The cooking stones have the quality of resisting very high temperature, of evenly distributing heat throughout their mass and without letting out smoke. This way, the meat or ven the vegetables get cooked in their own juices. The rock even manages to maintain its optimum temperature for up to 45 minutes, this way, even the last morcelwill be just as hot and juicyas the first. Maybe the most important advantage in hot stone cooking is the liberty of cooking the dish just the way you desire to.

This revolutionary concept offers you the unique opportunity of experimenting the preparation of the perfect dinner, the one you have always dreamed about, without any excess of oils or fats, cooked on your own liking, fresh and that willnever cool down.

The entire team of our restaurant has been carefully selected and prepared to offer you a gastronomical experience that you will never forget. Either your desire is to prepare your own meal or have one of our waiters serve you a dinner cooked in front of you, the show behind this cooking method will most definetly enchant you!

It’s a fast and fun way of cooking where, even the presentation is top grade.


Steps in preparing a savory and healthy meal:

  • The rock is previously heated to a maximum of 450 degrees Celsius;
  • Optional, you may sprinkle sea salt over the hot stone for a healthy kick and an efficient non-sticking effect
  • The already seasoned dishes are laid on the hot stone and held on one side for at least 30 seconds to seal in the fibers. This way, the dish will retain the flavor throughout the cooking;
  • Afterwards, the meat or vegetables are turned on the other side and have the proccess repeat, but no more than 2 times on each side;
  • The dish is kept on the stone and, according to the customers preferences, it can be cooked in a variety of ways;
  • At the dinner table one receives the volcanic rock, the entire steak, 3 bowls with different sauces, a garnish and a raw salad.

And to devoid you of any doubts regarding this unique method of cooking, for the XXIst century, we bring you behind the scenes, where the handling of stones takes place.

  • The stones we use are special cooking stones, originated from the volcanic rocks imported from Africa.
  • They are handled with care and used at optimum temperatures so that you can fully enjoy this wonderfulf way of preparing your meal.The stones are kept in the oven at a steady temperature for a maximum of comfort for the preparation an extremely tasty meal.

We invite you to savour a series of dishes like you have never tried before. We are certain that the unequalled taste, the extraordinary quality of our products, but also the relaxing environment together with professionalism of our serving crew will capture your senses and urge you to return.

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