The house at No.8, Piata Romana was built in 1894 (as we can see it in the List of Historical Monuments in 2004 – Bucharest) after the plans of architect Otto Maugsch in its Art Nouveau style and it belonged to the paleontology proffesor Sabba Stefanescu.

Sabba Stefanescu was born on January 12th 1857, in Craiova. In 1876 he became a student of the University of Bucharest at the Faculty of Sciences. In 1878 he leaves for Sorbona with a romanian state scholarship. He returns with a Degree in natural Sciences and, shortly after, he is named as a Secondary Professor at St. Sava College. In 1882 he becomes an active member of the Geological Bureau. Over the next few years he was part of the colective that was involved in the realisation of the very first geological map of Romania, published in 1890. […] In 1897 he received his Doctor’s Degree with his study on Tertiary Lands in Romania. Later on, he went on several field studies, that led to the discovery of the Azarlic Eocen site, „populated” with Numuliti fossils, miniscule beings, now extinct. Later on, he becomes intrigued by the opposite branch, fauna and fossils and will become interested in the evolution of Mammoths and Mastodonts that once occupied the Romanian Plain. After an entire life dedicated to science, he retires in 1929, at 72 years old. He dies 2 years later, on 16th of August, 1931.